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Eco-Workshop Examples 1997-2002

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Some creations generated from standard American

themes or stereotypes:

1.balancing our ecological (or environmental) budget,

getting rid of the ecological deficit or

debt, relying on ecological deficit financing, calling for an

ecological audit

2. moving from the 'me generation' to the 'we


3. 'pioneering a new green economy,' 'bioneering the

new green economy'

4. making, gearing up for, or moving into the Green Shift

(change to a green society, economy)

5. better green than gone

6. making the Earth, Planet, or future friendly choice

7. organic in every pot

Some families of other new combinations that have been tried out by writers, organizations and politicians:

1.'healthy' group: healthy wealth, healthy community,

healthy city ('clean' is a subset, as is 'livable'as in livable

communities or livable world)

2. 'smart' group: smart growth, Earth smart car

3. 'revolution' group: the next industrial revolution

('next' is category of its own), the clean revolution (Bill

Ford, Chair of Ford Motors), the biophilia revolution

(David Orr), eco-revolution

4. 'eco' group: eco-society, eco-economy, eco-revolution,

eco-renaissance, eco-economics, eco-food (opposite of frankenfood)

eco-safe economy, ecotecture (Skip Wentz), eco-moguls (Time, Oct.18,'99),

eco-pioneers, eco-tourism, ecocide, eco-smart living, eco-

city, eco-village, global eco-village, eco-shift, eco-lifestyle,

eco-audit, eco-enlightenment, Ecozoic era (Thomas

Berry),ecopolis, ecodemocracy

5. 'bio' group: bioeconomics, biomimicry, bioneers,

biorealism, biorenaissance, biophilia. bionomics,


6. 'green' group: 'how green are you?' (from a Costco

newsletter, summer '99), the Green GDP (Commerce

Dept), ('Viridian Manifesto' is a new hip version of green

announced in the summer '99 issue of Whole Earth, 'the

Green era' (Matthew Fox), a green economy (YES!),

a Global Green Deal (Mark Hertsgaard)

7. 'evolutionary' group: the evolutionary corporation

(YES!, Fall '99), the evolutionary car (Toyota hybrid)

8. 'natural' group: The Natural Step (Karl Henrik

Robert), natural capitalism (Paul Hawken)

Some Eco-Slogan Tweaks:

Ecocentric, not egocentric

Nature rules.

The rule of nature's law (play on rule of law)

Trees are us.

Got air? or got oxygen? or got water?

Look out for #1 (with picture of Earth)

It's our crib. (teen and black slang for home also with picture of


The Earth is the bottom line.

Earth-it's the real thing.


lean and green

lean and clean

bill of eco-democracy rights

the clean air generation

Stop before you shop.

the ultimate green experience

manifest harmony

minimize your impact

barefoot solar luxury

the cooperative cure


green grandeur

Use it and reuse it.

Reuse it or lose it.

deja use

war on waste

Hate makes waste.

green dream

Jesus recycles.

don't just do it, think about it.

Just recycle.
Win one for the planet.

solar security

we're a solar family.

Double-glaze your house, not the planet. (or: not the


Only you can prevent climate change.

Do people change the climate? People do.

oil ill

ecological security



Earth-the lean green living machine

See the U.S.A. the hybrid way.

the electric Winnebago

Plug in, turn on, take a drive.

sports futility vehicle

I can't believe I polluted the whole thing. (a sticker for SUVs.)

Friends don't let friends drive an SUV.

The REAL SUV--- a sustainable urban vehicle

Save our children's children.

It's x (you fill in the blank) o'clock.

Do you know where your children's future is?

Got safe food?

Got clean air?

Got clean water?

Got any topsoil left?

Got a future on this planet?

Save a planet, go to heaven.

The planet you save could be your own.

Friends don't let friends trash our planet.

Friends don't let friends eat genetically modified food.

a free-range chicken in every pot

Bigger is a bummer.
Invest in your planet.
keeping Earth safe for life

making Earth safe for life

Earth awareness-the new new frontier

fiddling while our planet starts to burn

' ' ' slowly burns

The mother of all crashes--not just stocks, not just computers, Earth systems.

Forest.gone (a play on .com)

Earth, the real world-wide web of life

the dead planet blues

the climate threat

climate shock

climate crash

climate decay

the weather threat

planet poison

planet poisoners

poisoning the planet

the sick planet plan

A sick planet kills.

A sick planet kills people.

Shall we pass on a better world or just pass on?

Earth-systems crash or soft landing?
true abundance (versus affluenza or accumulitis)

Some Notable Eco-Quotes:

'The warm war,' Arlie Hochschild, ATLANTIC, 2/01, referring to

climate change political problems.

'People exploit what they have merely concluded to be of value,

but they defend what they love.' Wendell Berry, in WHOLE

EARTH, Fall 2000.

'We don't have an environmental problem, we have family

relationship problems (with nature),' George Work.

'transpartisan,' a word and concept created by Don Beck, co-author

of SPIRAL DYNAMICS (www.spiraldynamics.com).

'the Evernet,' a name for the perpetually on and connected society

in David Denby's, 'The Speed of Light,' THE NEW

YORKER, 11/27/00.

'PAX GAIA' Thomas Berry (YES, p. 46, Winter 2001.

'Power is communion,' Carolyn Raffensberger, YES, Winter

2001, p. 39 (see also Lakoff, MORAL POLITICS, re this idea).

'corporate democracy' J. K. Galbraith's commentary on how the

2000 election was decided, via Tom Atlee's list serve.

'tend and befriend,' (as opposed to fight or flight) sociological findings on stress behavior of women being different from men widely reported in 2000.

'the tipping point,' a phrase recently given new prominence by book

of that name by Malcom Gladwell now beginning to be used as

a catch phrase for lots of things.

'Don't listen to the hate channel,' Carolyn Casey on not letting individual haters

get to you.

'speciescide,' Don MacQueen, quoted in Richard Heinberg's

MUSE LETTER #107, December 2000, p. 3.

'Bill of Responsibilities,' William McDonough at Bioneers, 2000.

'Declaration of Interdependence,' also heard at Bioneers, 2000.

'The Circle of Life,' Julia Butterfly Hill.